Important Dates

Don’t let your next conversation dive into awkward silence – drop one of these nuggets on the appropriate date and you’ll be a hero.


08: House Ethics Committee investigates a sexual harassment complaint filed against Eric Massa (2010)
09: Chris Lee posts an ad on CraigsList in search for a male-to-female transsexual. (2011)


06: Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt shot, and ultimately paralyzed, in GA (1978)
08: Eric Massa resigns (2010)
08: Roy Ashburn comes out (2010)
17: Eliot Spitzer resigns after it’s discovered that he like high-priced prostitutes (2008)
20: Randall Tobias’ birthday (b.1942)
25: John Ensign’s birthday (b.1958)


01: Chris Lee’s birthday (b.1964)
21: John Ensign announces his resignation from office effective May 3 (2011)
27: Randall Tobias resigns after something about a Washington escort service (2007)
28: Linda Wall – a conservative independent Virginia candidate for the House of Delegates – admits
to sexual relations with a female minor in the 1970’s (2006)


16: The LA Times tells the world about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child (2011)
27: Anthony Weiner send a link via Twitter today (2011)


03: John Edwards indicted by a grand jury in NC on six felony charges (2011)
10: Eliot Spitzer’s birthday (b.1959)
21: Anthony Weiner officially resigns (2011)


10: John Edwards’ birthday (b.1953)
16: David Vitter admits to being a customer of the D.C. Madam (2007)
30: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birthday (b.1947)


08: John Edwards admit to affair, but not making the kid (2008)


04: Anthony Weiner’s birthday (b.1964)
09: Michael Duvall resigns just 15 hours after the story of his affairs hit the news (2009)
11: Alabama upholds their state-wide ban on dildos (2009)
16: Eric Massa’s birthday (b.1959)


03: Rhode Island makes the buying and selling of sexual services a big no-no. (2009)