The Politicians


Ensign, John – Republican – U.S. Senator from NV: affair
Lee, Chris – Republican – U.S. Representative from NY: kinky Craigslist request
Schwarzenegger, Arnold – Republican – Governor of CA: Affair and a new son
NEW Stagni, Joe – Republican – City Councilman Kenner City, LA: Underwear Tweets
Strauss-Kahn, Dominique– Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund: affair
NEW Weiner, Anthony – Democrat – U.S. Representative from NY: Twitter addict


Edwards, John – Democrat – US Senator from NC, VP nominee: affair and a new son
Massa, Eric – Democrat – U.S. Representative from NY: come here little boy
Paladino, Carl – Republican – candidate for Governor of NY: affair and love child
Souder, Mark – Republican – U.S. Representative from IN: affair with staffer


Duvall, Michael – Republican – California State Assembly: affairs x 2
Kent, Samuel B.
– U.S. District Court judge: sexual abuse x 2
Sanford, Mark – Republican –  Governor of SC: affair


Fossella, Vito – Republican – U.S. House of Representatives from NY: affair and a new child
Kilpatrick, Kwame – Democrat – Mayor of Detroit: sexting!
Mahoney, Tim – Democrat – U.S. rep for FL:  hush money and a mistress
Spitzer, Eliot – Democrat – Governor of NY: Loved himself some prostitutes via the Emperors Club VIP


Craig, Larry – Republican – U.S. Senator from ID: Airport bathroom fetish
Newsom, Gavin – Republican – Lieutenant Governor of CA: affair
Tobias, Randall L. – Administrator of USAID: safe sex advocate and prostitute lover
Vitter, David – Republican – U.S. House of Representatives: enjoys prostitutes


Doyle, Brian – Deputy Press Secretary in the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security: She was only 14
Foley, Mark – Republican – House Rep. from FL: Teenage boys


McGreevey, Jim – Democrat – Governor of NJ: affair with a dude
Ryan, Jack – Republican – Senate hopeful from IL: Who doesn’t like voyeurism?
Schrock, Ed – Republican – U.S. House of Representatives from VA: sex tape with a dude
Sherwood, Don – Republican – U.S. House of Representatives from PA: possible affair


Condit, Gary – Democrat – House of Representatives from CA: Affair with intern. Intern? What intern?


Clinton, Bill – Democrat – US President: It was just a blowjob
Gingrich, Newt – Republican – Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives: intern lovin’
Livingston, Bob – Republican – U.S. Rep. from LA: affair


Packwood, Bob – Republican – U.S. Senator from OR: 30 women, Bob?! Damn!


Reynolds, Mel – Democrat – U.S. House of Representatives: she was only 16


Calvert, Ken – Republican – U.S. Representative from CA: he just wanted some head


Hart, Gary– Democrat – US Senator from CO: affair


Crane, Dan – Republican – Congressman from IL: 17-year-old’s are still illegal
Studds, Gerry – Democrat – Congressman from MA: 17-year-old’s are still illegal


Cleveland, Grover – Democrat – President of the Untied States: Secret love child?


Jefferson, Thomas – Founding Father: Jungle fever with mixed results

Am I missing someone?